Used Electric Cars for Sale Near Hayward

Used Electric & Hybrid Cars for Sale Hayward, CA

Rose Motorcars, the used car dealer in Hayward, Castro Valley and Modesto, California, has an excellent selection of popular used electric cars in the bay area. We specialize in getting customers into electric vehicles so you’ll never need to stop at a gas pump again. Your savings won’t stop there, buying from us can save you thousands of dollars over a new car.

Come see one of the largest selection of electric cars in the Bay Area. Even if you aren’t local, we ship both domestically and internationally. There’s no pushy salesman here – just passionate car enthusiasts that want to electrify the Bay Area.

Electric cars are the fastest growing segment of the auto industry for a good reason. They can offer great savings over needing to fill up your gas car every week with electricity that can cost just pennies per mile. They are great for the environment by being emissions free and often are cheaper to maintain than standard gas cars.

    Used Fiat 500e for Sale

    Fiat is best known for their European style subcompact sedans which are popular in the Bay Area for their compact size, fuel economy, and aggressive styling. Their flagship electric car is the 500e which shares a chassis and many styling cues from its sibling, the Fiat 500. The Fiat 500e improves upon this platform with sportier styling, snappier acceleration, and an all-electric drivetrain. This is a great value car for anyone looking for the benefits of an electric car without the huge price tag you’d normally expect. Fiat electric vehicles have great safety ratings and are well equipped on all models, providing some of the highest levels of standard features available today. This vehicle is purely electric and although the mileage is fairly short at 84 miles, it still has the consistent torque and snappy response at all speeds that is standard for electric motors.

    Used Nissan Leaf for Sale

    The Nissan Leaf debuted in 2010 and has been the most popular highway capable electric vehicle in the United Status since it’s inception. There’s been over 125,000 sold in the US and for good reason. Although the Leaf is not known for a long range (most vehicle have a range between 73 and 120 miles) they are known for tremendously reliable batteries, with a failure rate around 0.01% since the introduction of the car. The Leaf is a great entry level electric car for anyone looking to save money instead of spending at gas stations and blends in well with it’s unassuming hatchback design. It’s popularity can be attributed to it being the first electric vehicle to truly meet the needs of the average consumer: an affordable price, adequate range, and the ability to contribute positive change for the environment. If you are not in need of a long range battery, the Leaf makes for a good fit in most households with it’s overall package that covers day to day needs without a high price tag.

    Used Tesla for Sale

    Tesla is a household name to most people for their technology and innovative vehicle features. They are known as the high end provider for electric vehicle shoppers who appreciate the finer features in their daily ride. Rose Motorcars carries some popular models like the Model S, Model X, and the newest line – the Tesla Model 3. At a higher price than other electric cars, you get what you pay for when you buy a Tesla. These cars are extremely well equipped and known for some specific features: large touchscreens across the dash, autopilot driver assist functionality, mobile app remote control, an extensive supercharging network, and a camera system only rivaled by high end luxury automakers. These vehicles are available with more power and torque than many gas counterparts, especially for the dual motor versions. Buying a Tesla is extremely easy at our dealership and we’d love to have you come test drive the most fun to drive electric car the market has to offer.